HI! I'm Jessica, owner and creator of All Things I Heart. I make pieces for you and your family with heart & quality supplies that will stand the test of time. Making brings me a sense of peace and calm in my life. I truly enjoy making the items I offer and I'm so grateful I can share them with you!


Believe in Yourself

It all started when I was a little girl, I used to watch my mother crochet baby gifts. I was amazed that her crochet hook and yarn created beautiful booties, blankets and capes. My mom taught me crochet, and my aunt introduced me to knitting. I am so grateful my mom and aunt took the time to teach and open doors for me to experience all the crafty things imaginable. Over the years, I learned new crafts and gained new skills. Here you will find knitwear in the fall and winter seasons, and home decor and jewelry throughout the spring and summer.
This shop is something I only ever dreamed of creating. And despite the support of family, dear friends, customers and especially my loving and reassuring husband, it's been years of self doubt and delaying my goal. Now that we have a little girl, I wanted her to witness and truly be able to tell her that when you believe in yourself, show up and try your best, you can achieve your goals. I hope you like my creations as much as I do. With a full heart, thank you 💗

xo Jess


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